Web Hosting Plan Features


404 Customization Tool

404 Customization Tool

A 404 page appears every time a Web surfer enters a URL that doesn't exist or clicks on a broken link. This tool allows you to create a better Web experience for site visitors, because it allows you to personalize the error page with any of the following:

  • A custom error message
  • Up to 4 links
  • A logo or graphic




Hypertext Preprocessor, is a server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages. When a visitor opens the page, the server processes the PHP commands and then sends the results to the visitor's browser. Hostway supports PHP on Linux plans and is supported FREE on Starter Business plans and up.

Version: PHP v4.0


Disk Space and Traffic

Disk Space

Everything related to your website is stored on disk: your regular html files, images, multimedia files, anonymous FTP files, email messages, CGI-scripts, and so on. Each Hostway package includes a generous amount of disk storage space. Additional space used will be billed according to our additional disk space pricing. Please see our additional items pricing page.

Data Transfer Per Month (Traffic)

Each time a Web page, image, audio, video or other elements of your website is accessed by your visitor, traffic is generated. Each time you upload your pages or check your email, traffic is also generated. Your aggregate traffic is the sum of outward-bound, inward-bound, email, and anonymous FTP traffic. Your monthly traffic allowance is calculated as 31 times the daily traffic allowance. Hostway's daily data transfer allowances are high enough for most of our users to stay within the limit.

Shopping Cart


Hostway Merchant Manager

Hostway Merchant Manager gives you the power and ease of launching an online store and managing it to the fullest. This flexible application gives you the power to quickly and easy build a customized, multi-product online store in a matter of clicks. You have the ability to configure your store's layout, fonts, colors, and design. Merchant Manager allows you to organize your products by categories as you see fit and use its advanced tools to develop marketing programs based on your customers' buying habits.

Once you've launched your store, Merchant Manager's management tools can help you sell more. You'll be able to track orders and inventory so your store can always be stocked with what your customers need, quickly take a snapshot of your customers' behavior, know who is in your store, set tax by region, and produce reports that detail customer shopping activity, inventory and more. Your store's management is always at your fingertips.

Merchant Manager also provides marketing tools to help you increase your store's selling potential. Promoting your products is easy and effective with Merchant Manager's easy-to-use tools, including banner manager, newsletter manager and email creation tool.

Hostway Merchant Manager is included with all ecommerce plans and is the perfect system for growing businesses to launch their online store quickly and easily.

Payment Gateway

A Payment Gateway sits between your online store and your merchant account bank to ensure secure and real-time processing of all transmitted credit card information. It also automates the purchasing process so that human intervention is never needed. LinkPoint, VeriSign and AuthorizeNet are the Payment Gateway services that Hostway supports.



POP/IMAP Email Accounts

These are your email boxes in Hostway's server that can be accessed directly to retrieve your mail using such programs as Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Outlook Express and Netscape Mail. Each POP account has its own password to ensure privacy. For example, let's say you have 5 employees, each needing his or her own email address that needs to be checked individually. Then each of your employees will receive a POP/IMAP email account. The advantage to POP/IMAP Email Accounts is that you can check your email from anywhere in the world where you have access to the Internet. POP stands for Post Office Protocol.

How is this different than email aliases? Per POP/IMAP email account, you can have multiple email aliases. Let's say your POP/IMAP email account is johndoe@yourdomain.com. You can have johnd@yourdomain.com, jdoe@yourdomain.com, doe@yourdomain.com all point to johndoe@yourdomain.com.

Web-Based Email, SiteMail

With this feature, you can check your email using your Web browser from anywhere around the world where you have access to the Internet. One of the advantages of Hostway SiteMail is that you can use SiteMail and regular email clients such as MS Outlook to check the same email account. So while you're on the road, use SiteMail; while you're in the office, use your favorite email client software.

Email Forwarding

Hostway provides unlimited use of email forwarding. When this is activated, messages sent to a certain email address are forwarded to another address. For example, Bob sends an email to webmaster@yourdomain.com. If you choose, this message is then automatically forwarded to you@yourisp.com.

Email Aliasing

Email forwarding and email aliasing can be used interchangeably. Hostway provides unlimited use of email forwarding. When this is activated, messages sent to a certain email address are forwarded to another address. For example, Bob sends an email to webmaster@yourdomain.com. This message is then automatically forwarded to you@yourisp.com or you@yourdomain.com if you turn on the email forwarding feature on webmaster@yourdomain.com. In this case, webmaster@yourdomain.com is an email alias to either you@yourisp.com and you@yourdomain.com.

Email Autoresponders

Hostway provides unlimited use of email autoresponders. An email autoresponder sends an automated email response to each incoming message that is sent to a specific address. Each email address on your account can have a different autoresponder. For example, Bob sends an email to sales@yourdomain.com. The autoresponder sends your prewritten message back to Bob automatically. With this feature, you can improve your company's image. Your customers know you have received their e-mail, and you are responsive to their needs.


Mailman helps you manage email discussion lists. Unlike other similar products, Mailman comes with a Web based control panel. It allows users to subscribe, unsubscribe, and etc. over the Web. Even you, the list manager, can administer your list entirely from the web.

All of Hostway's hosting plans from the Starter Business plan and up come with at least one Mailman mailing list. This feature enables you to spread important news about your products, services, or other general info to your customers and members.


Free Software/Scripts

Ready to Run CGI-Scripts

CGI-scripts are used to supplement basic HTML pages, making your website more interactive and functional. You can program many useful features in CGI scripts. We offer a free library of CGI scripts that you can use to enhance your website. These scripts are installed in your account and are ready-to-run when you first log in.

Your Own Local CGI-bin

With your own local CGI-bin directory, you can store custom CGI scripts written by yourself or found elsewhere on the Web.




Shockwave is a multimedia application by Macromedia for dynamic online visual presentation. Hostway supports Shockwave in all of our Web hosting and ecommerce plans, except the Value plan.


Flash is a multimedia/animation technology, commonly created by MacroMedia's Flash software. Flash uses *.swf files and is a client-based application. That is, it runs on the browser and not on the server. From the server side, the Flash "MIME" types are installed, so as long as the browser is Flash enabled, it should work on our systems. MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. It is a method for sending non-text data over the Internet, used by mail servers and Web servers. Standard MIME types are already installed on our servers, and custom MIME types can be installed in our Linux plans. Hostway supports Flash on all Web hosting and ecommerce plans.


Real Networks RealAudio/RealVideo system is a streaming audio/video delivery system for the Internet. It is client-server based, meaning both the browser and the server must have RealAudio / Video components for it to work. You can create and deliver streaming multimedia content of sound and images, through the Internet to audiences worldwide. Hostway includes step-by-step instructions for including RealAudio/RealVideo in your Web pages.

At Hostway, we employ Real Server streaming which is superior to http streaming employed by many of other providers.

Version: RealServer v8.0




A podcast is a Web feed of audio files that are placed on the Internet for anyone to download--usually directly from a website. Special programs called podcatchers exist that let you subscribe to podcasts in order to automatically download and store the media files to listen to whenever you like. Hostway's Podcasting tool makes it easy for you to upload audio files, and create and manage syndication feeds.


Security Features


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an extremely important feature to consider when choosing a Web hosting plan. SSL is a method of ensuring that information entered through your website is protected from prying eyes. With SSL, information submitted on your website is first encrypted, submitted securely over the Internet, and then decrypted on the receiving end. SSL is most commonly used for credit card transactions but it can be used to collect any sensitive data. By convention, the url's of Web pages that are transmitted using SSL start with https instead of http. This feature provides privacy, authentication and message Integrity.

Hostway provides both secure server and secure server certificate needed to support SSL free of charge to the Starter Business plan and above. That is over $400 per year value, free with Hostway.


Site Management Tools

24/7 FTP Access

You have unlimited access to your account, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This allows you to set up, change, or maintain your website at any time of the day or night.


Hostway provides your administration team with access to the Web based SiteControl panel. It is a complete account management toolset that includes everything you need to create, maintain and manage various features that come with your hosting account. Many advantages of a self-service control panel are the tool provided with it, such as Email management (Web based email included), disk usage monitor, bandwidth (traffic) usage monitor, site activity analyzer, billing activity monitor, domain name registration / transfer, password manager, user management, optional item manager, trouble ticket submission, resource links, and Ecommerce Manager and more!

Front Page Extensions

Hiring a professional website designer is very expensive. There is a do-it-yourself alternative of using programs such as Microsoft® FrontPage, one of the most popular and easy to use website design and management tools for average people like us. Incidentally, the majority of Hostway customers build and maintain their websites themselves. It's a very simple process to go through if you're equipped with the right software tools. All Linux Web hosting and ecommerce plans support FrontPage2002(and older) extensions, and all Windows2000 Web hosting plans support FrontPage2002(and older) extensions free of charge so that you can utilize all the advanced FrontPage functionalities.

A copy of Microsoft® FrontPage can be purchased at any on- and off-line software shop. FrontPage is supported on both Linux and Windows2000 platform.

Other supported website editors: Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, NetObjects Fusion, and just about any other website builder software solutions. Using such website editors makes designing your site very gratifying, and very cost-effective.

Detailed Website Statistics (Analog)

Hostway provides you with a detailed website activity report, including both graphical and raw numbers, grouped by weeks, days and hours. Using this information, you can track how many hits you are getting, where those hits are coming from, which page is the most popular, how much data transfer is occurring, and more. This critical information allows you to shape and focus your marketing efforts so that you can bring in highly targeted visitors and maintain your successful Web presence.

Referrer Log

Referrer logs add extended tracking capability to your Webstats and access-log. By turning it on, you will know where your customers are coming from. For example, you will know what keywords they typed in to find your site and what search engine they came from. Referrer logs provide invaluable information for your marketing efforts.

Access to Raw Log Files

A raw log file contains detailed information about your site's activity in raw Web server format. By analyzing the log file, you can gain valuable marketing insights. Access to raw log file is a must if you wish to perform advanced site analysis using a third party site analyzer program.

Every Hostway hosting plan comes with a web-based log analyzer that provides a comprehensive analysis of your raw log file for the majority of customers.